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Coach Application


A Coach Application

A coach application to manage their courses, lessons, participants, attendance and skills.


Business Goal

Improve back office and coach management processes. Reduce friction, mistakes and costs. An easy and light weighted application integration in any workplace environment.

Customer Experience Goal

Through a better and real-time tracking of the customer attendance and skills as well as an easier information transfer from one coach to another and to the back office, the customer experience should improve.



Attendance List by Paper

In the past, a lot of swimming coaches and schools tracked the attendance and the skills of the participants with paper/pen solutions.


Dropbox Collaboration

For a real-time approach and the reduction of paper waste, Aqualetics (by Sundrbi) used an excel-word-dropbox-solution as a coach management tool.


Coach Application

Since this summer, all Aqualetics coaches use the specific coach application for the management of their courses.


What do we have?

  • Dropbox attendance and skill lists per coach and course (excel sheets)
  • Excel overview sheet of all courses, participants and coaches as the main planning tool
  • Manually produced status updates and diplomas with the combination of word and excel sheets

What do we need?

  • All the above in one application
  • Easy import/export of data as well as status updates and diplomas
  • A specification for all the processes and data needed for the application features
  • A good app developer


    • A short period of time for the beta release
    • A small budget



      First idea, concept, wireframes and specification. –> On hold – due to reprioritisation.



      Winter 2018/19

      More and more course participants (over 400 participants/weekly). Old process too slow and error-prone.



      Spring 2019

      Evaluating of existing soloutions. First discussions with our developer Tim. First draft live-mockup with no functionalities.

      Summer 2019

      Iterative specification, development, testing.


      August-October 2019

      Successful beta launch. Collecting data and feedback while continuously improving the application.

      Next Steps

      Winter 2019/20

      Improving the application. Adding new features. Launching the application – for real.



      Winter 2019/20

      Defining scaling strategy. Possible white label strategy for different sport organisations.




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