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A Mobile Coffee Shop

The Mürrmeli.Kaffee is a mobile coffee shop in the Swiss Alps in Mürren – implemented as a proof of concept.


Business Goal

Implement an MVP (minimum viable product) as proof of concept.

Social Goal

Bring more life to the alpine village Mürren. Building a new social interaction spot in the middle of the village.

Check out our blog for more details about the WHAT. WHY. HOW.


What do we have?

  • A Chalet in the middle of the village, in Mürren, at the main street (car free) with a terrace infront
  • A mobile coffee wagon from a previous project incl. coffee machine, coffee beans, cups …
  • 6 week window for testing.
  • One person for the job as a „barista“. A few temporary volunteers.
  • Budget: very restricted

What do we need?

  • Beverages and food concept
  • Branding / Marketing / Experience Design
  • Permissions
  • Hygienic kitchen
  • More products to sell
  • Daily process design


May - June 2019

Finalizing basic concept and clarifying needed permissions from the village and regional councils.

June 2019

Preparing launch. Getting material. Implementing branding.


July 2019


July - August 2019

Optimizing prizing, products, experiences, packaging, opening hours… 


August 2019

Closing up the successful proof of concept.

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